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International Auto Show

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Friday April 2 thru Sunday April 11 2006

Jacob Javits Convention Center | 11th Avenue, between 34th Street & 39th Street

Information 800-282-3336 | New York International Auto Show

Show Hours

Friday April 2nd 11:00A to 10:30P Sneak Preview

Daily, except Sundays 11:00A to 10:30P

Sundays 10:00A to 7:00P

Children 3 to 12 $4
Children 2 and under Free

The New York International Auto Show has been dazzling people in the tri-state area for more than 100 years with gleaming paint, elegant styling and the promise of things to come. More than 1,000 vehicles from all major manufacturers. Take a look, have a seat behind the wheel, get under the hood. And, of course, don't forget the concept cars--you'll see them, or something like them, in the dealerships in a few years

Concept cars are are the big draw for most of the motorheads who attend the show, but it's even more exciting when one goes into production, no matter how limited. This year Bugatti is going to produce somewhere under 50 of its Veyron 16.4 Grand Sports. As even non-enthusiasts such as us know, its specs are truly mouthwatering: 8.0 liter, DOHC W-16, four turbochargers, 64 valves outputting 1001 horsepower resulting in a 2.6 second zero to sixty and 253 mph top end. Whew! All that for only $1.9 mil

A bit more affordable is the Lexus LFA, based on a 2005 concept. At only $375K, the 5.0 liter, 552 horsepower will do the zero to sixty under four seconds. So, a second and a half difference equals about $1.5 mil difference in price between the two cars

Green is the true buzzword this year, best epitomized by the Audi R4 and R8 e-Trons, plug-in electrics with high-concept stylng and, erm, high-performance power: the R4's 102 horsepower delivers a top of 125 mph


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