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Welcome to Jim's Deli New York City Guide!

Whether you're a home-grown New Yorker or a tourist planning a first-time visit to NYC we hope you find some good information that you can use to enjoy the best city in the world. And here we'll try to answer a few of the questions we get from time to time

Who the heck are you guys?

We're Susie and Jim, just a couple of working stiffs who, a few years ago got excited about all this World Wide Web stuff and decided to take a shot at it. We threw around a few ideas and went with what we know best -- New York City

Susie's a transplanted California girl. She came to New York many years ago and enjoyed a long career in broadcasting. Jim is Brooklyn born and raised, did a long stint in the army followed by editorial and writing work. We're both card-carrying members of AARP and, as such, we look at the City through somewhat different eyes than many of the other guides. We both love the City and, though we try to take advantage of all it has to offer, we find that one of the most enjoyable things to do is just taking a walk. Anywhere. You never know what you'll discover

Where do you live?

We live on the East Side of Manhattan, close by the United Nations in a neighborhood called Turtle Bay. Basically from 1st Avenue to almost the office building strip on 3rd Avenue in the east 40s, Turtle Bay is mostly apartment buildings and for the time being is still a real neighborhood. Both 1st and 2nd Avenues are populated by small retail shops, produce stands, dry cleaners, neighborhood restaurants and the like. And, unlike other Midtown areas we don't have to walk 10 blocks to find a shoemaker, there are two of them across the street

The location is great. We can walk to just about anywhere we want to go. Depending on how our legs feel that day walking distance can be from 14th to 86th Streets and across town to the Javits Center. Our extended neighborhood includes the Empire State Building, 5th Avenue shopping, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, on and on...

Why the name Jim's Deli?

It doesn't make much sense, does it? Well, we both love food. We both love New York City food. Our initial idea for the website was for it to be a guide to NYC restaurants and markets. The 'Deli' part of the name was very New York foodie and the 'Jim' part came about because that was a domain name that was available

So we spent our time researching markets and restaurants and developing the site. And then we had to pay the rent. We took a sharp turn, started visiting hotels and affiliated with another company to sell NYC hotel reservations

We're basically stuck with the name. As we like to think of it now, in a delicatessen of old one would find a lot of appetizing things under one roof. We're kind of trying to do the same here, a lot of appetizing things about New York at one web site. Yeah, we know it's a stretch

What type of things do you list?

Basically, whatever the heck we want to. Either we have to have an interest in it or it must appeal to what we think is a large audience. We tend to shy away from one-time hooplas with no real significance and those that are too overtly commercial

We hate to say that we're a bit jaded, but we've seen a lot come and a lot go -- it's hard to impress us. We try not to waste too much time on 'of the moment' type things because chances are they won't be around tomorrow

Besides the major attractions that bring people to NYC -- Broadway theater, world-class museums, music and dance institutions, nightlife -- we try to look for things that are more the fabric of City life, the street fairs, the carnivals, the parades, walking through a park. And there's always something going on that celebrates City life, the history of the City and the people of the City. Those we especially try to include

And we can't list everything. The City is just too big and it constantly changes. We have to limit ourselves to what we can try to do well

We hope you enjoy your visit to Jim's Deli New York City Guide!


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