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Privacy Policy

Jim's Deli New York City Guide respects your privacy. We do not actively collect information from visitors to the web site, nor do we share information with other parties

E-mail Addresses  Jim's Deli New York City Guide does not actively collect e-mail addresses. The only e-mail addresses we obtain are those in e-mail messages sent to us. We do not sell, share or otherwise divulge e-mail addresses to any other parties. All e-mail correspondence is kept as a part of normal business documents

Communications from Jim's Deli  Unless you write us, we don't write you. Jim's Deli New York City Guide only responds to visitor questions and normal business correspondence. We do not send any unsolicited e-mail

Cookies  Cookies are small files that some web sites use to enhance the browsing experience or provide specific functionality. Jim's Deli New York City Guide does not use cookies

Web server logs  Internet servers routinely keep logs of all requests made to the server. Information normally includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the requesting computer or connection, time of day, files requested among other data. Jim's Deli New York City Guide uses the activity logs to analyze general trends: number of visitors, number of web pages viewed, activity by day and time of day, search engine activity and so forth. We do not in any way try to identify individual users. Basically, we don't care who you are, just that you came to visit

Children's Policy

Jim's Deli New York City Guide content is intended for adults or use with the consent of adults. Jim's Deli New York City Guide does not market to children. While we do not believe that any content on Jim's Deli New York City Guide is objectionable we are adults and write like adults to an adult audience. We do not use any base vulgarities but there might be an occasional mild expletive or off-color reference. New York City is a diverse place with many people that live different lifestyles. We do not limit our content because of lifestyle determinations

Third Party Web Sites

Jim's Deli New York City Guide provides links to many third-party web sites. We do not knowingly link to any web sites that contain or promote pornography, hate themes or other objectionable materials. We are not responsible for the content or actions or privacy policies of any third-party web sites

Affiliated Web Sites  Jim's Deli New York City Guide provides links to web sites with which we are affiliated to provide certain goods or services, such as hotel reservations, books, theater tickets, etc. Jim's Deli New York City Guide is not responsible for the privacy policies of affiliated web sites. Please read the site's posted privacy statement so you understand all of the information being collected and its purpose and use


This privacy policy was last changed on November 14, 2002. Jim's Deli New York City Guide reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time by posting the revised privacy policy on our site. The changes will only affect the information we collect after the effective date of the change to our privacy policy unless we clearly express otherwise


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