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March Music & Dance Schedule



New York City Music & Dance Guide

City Center

March Schedule


February 5 2009 thru March 28  2010

Hard Times

The Pearl Stage 2

Charles Dickens original novel | Stephen Jeffreys adaptation | J R Sullivan director

Tuesday March 2  7:30PEvening performance
Wednesday March 3  2:30PMatinee performance
Thursday March 4  7:30PEvening performance
Friday March 5  7:30PEvening performance
Saturday March 6  2:30PMatinee performance  7:30PEvening performance
Sunday March 7  2:30PMatinee performance
Tuesday March 9  7:30PEvening performance
Wednesday March 10  2:30PMatinee performance
Thursday March 11  7:30PEvening performance
Friday March 12  7:30PEvening performance
Saturday March 13  2:30PMatinee performance  7:30PEvening performance
Sunday March 14  2:30PMatinee performance
Tuesday March 16  7:30PEvening performance
Wednesday March 17  2:30PMatinee performance
Thursday March 18  7:30PEvening performance
Friday March 19  7:30PEvening performance
Saturday March 20  2:30PMatinee performance  7:30PEvening performance
Sunday March 21  2:30PMatinee performance
Tuesday March 23  7:30PEvening performance
Wednesday March 24  2:30PMatinee performance
Thursday March 25  7:30PEvening performance
Friday March 26  7:30PEvening performance
Saturday March 27  2:30PMatinee performance  7:30PEvening performance
Sunday March 28  2:30PMatinee performance

February 24 thru March 14  2010

Paul Taylor Dance Company

City Center Mainstage

Tuesday March 2  7:00PEvening performance  Brandenburgs, Brief Encounters, Also Playing
Wednesday March 3  7:00PEvening performance  Airs, Public Domain, Spindrift
Thursday March 4  7:00PEvening performance  Dream Girls, Sunset, Cascade
Friday March 5  8:00PEvening performance  Brandenburgs, Also Playing, piazzolla Caldera
Saturday March 6  3:00PMatinee performance  Dandelion Wine, Runes, Changes
Saturday March 6  8:00PEvening performance  Airs, Public Domain, Brief Encounters
Sunday March 7  3:00PMatinee performance  Dream Girls, Beloved Renegade, Also Playing
Tuesday March 9  7:00PEvening performance  A Field of Grass
Wednesday March 10  7:00PEvening performance  Dandelion Wine, Runes, Also Playing
Thursday March 11  7:00PEvening performance  Changes, Sunset, Esplanade
Friday March 12  8:00PEvening performance  Spindrift, Brief Encounters, Syzygy
Saturday March 13  3:00PMatinee performance  A Field of Grass, Scudorama, Piazzolla Caldera
Saturday March 13  8:00PEvening performance  Cascade, Beloved Renegade, Also Playing
Sunday March 14 3:00PMatinee performance  Changes, Brief Encounters, Piazolla Caldera

March 17 thru March 20  2010

Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon

City Center Mainstage

with Angel Corella, Adiarys Almeida, Herman Cornejo, Carmen Corella, Iain Mackay, Natalia Tapia, Joseph Gatti, Kazuko Omori, Fernando Bufala, Cristina Casa, Ashley Ellis, Kirill Radev, Ma Jose Sales, Yevgen Uzlenkov

Wednesday March 17  7:30PEvening performance
Friday March 19  8:00PEvening performance
Saturday March 20  2:00PMatinee performance
Saturday March 20  8:00PEvening performance

March 25 thru March 27  2010

Youth America Grand Prix

City Center Mainstage

New York City finals of the International Student Ballet Competition

Thursday March 25  7:00PEvening performance  The Final Round
Friday March 26  7:00PEvening performance  Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow
Saturday March 27  7:00PEvening performance  Gala Tribute to Valdimir Vasiliev

All schedule, artist and program information is subject to change. For the most current information see the New York City Center site



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