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New York City Nightlife Guide

NYC Comedy Clubs

These are the some of the best comedy clubs in New York City. They all feature top comics from the late-night television circuit, sitcoms, Comedy Central and other suspect venues. Reservations or advance tickets are recommended at all clubs. Cover charges & minimums are per person and subject to change

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Caroline's on Broadway

1626 Broadway | at 49th Street

Info 212-757-4100 | Caroline's on Broadway

Sets Show times sometimes vary, call to confirm Monday thru Wednesday 7:30P 9:30P | Thursday 7:30P 10:00P | Friday & Saturday 8:00P 10:30P 12:30A | Sunday 8:00P 10:00P

Cover Cover varies Monday thru Thursday $12 and up | Friday & Saturday $20 to $27 | Sunday $12 and up | Minimum 2 drinks

From the folks that brought the popular Caroline's Comedy Hour to cable television, this is New York's corporate giant of standup comedy. The very commercial room is very popular because the club can afford the very best talent and, not incidentally, because of it's reputation. A comic ain't a star without a successful gig at Caroline's under his or her belt. Only the best from all walks of comedic life plus the most promising wan-a-bees on new talent Mondays

The Comedy Cellar

117 Macdougal Street

Info 212-254-3480 | The Comedy Cellar

Sets Monday thru Thursday 9:00P 11:00P | Friday 9:00P 10:45P 12:30A | Saturday 7:30P 9:15P 11:00P 12:45A | Sunday 9:00P 11:00P

Cover Monday thru Thursday $10 | Friday & Saturday $15 | Sunday $10 | Minimum 2 drinks

Before you do anything check out the Comedy Cellar's web site for information on free tickets and drinks. This is real close to being our favorite comedy room in New York. Reasonable prices, top comics and a feeling that comedy is what brought you here, they're going to give it to you. It's always nice to go away knowing you got more than you paid for. Recent semi-regular appearances have included Brett Butler, Chris Rock, Damon Wayans, Howie Mandel, Seinfeld, Lovitz, Romano, a slew of SNL'ers and many more

Comic Strip Live

1568 2nd Avenue | between 81st & 82nd Streets

Info 212-861-9386 | Comic Strip Live

Sets Monday thru Thursday 8:30P | Friday 8:30P 10:30P 12:30A | Saturday 8:00P 10:15P 12:30P | Sunday 8:00P

Cover $14 | Minimum 2 drinks

Another super special: Check the Comic Strip Live web site for dirt cheap advance tickets as low as about$5.50 per person. The club bills itself as the original home of Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Paul Reiser, Carol Leifer, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Ray Romano and other more than well-known comics. All have a special affinity for the room where they got their starts and many drop by when they are in town. With the club's showcase format you'll see the top pros honing routines before taking them on the road or to a late-night television gig. You can truly say "I've heard that one before"


1118 1st Avenue | between 61st & 62nd Streets

Info 212-593-1650 | Dangerfield's

Sets Monday thru Thursday 7:30P | Friday 8:30P 10:30P | Saturday 8:00P 10:30P 12:30P | Sunday 7:30P

Cover $12 to $20 | Minimum None

The last time we were at Dangerfield's, back sometime around 1999, we got the feeling the club was getting a bit long in the tooth, kind of like Rodney. It isn't the entertainment that's a problem; the almost-top-drawer comics are mostly young, hip and sharp. We think the problem is mostly with the room itself, little changed since its 1969 opening and the fact that the staff and acts know Dangerfield's, which always appealed more to an older audience, isn't the premier room it once was when Leno, Seinfeld and Carry graced its stage. No minimum makes for reasonably-priced entertainment, if there's somebody on the bill you want to see, go for it

Gotham Comedy Club

34 W 22nd Street | between between 5th & 6th Avenues

Info 212-367-9000 | Gotham Comedy Club

Sets Monday thru Thursday 8:30P | Friday & Saturday 8:00P 10:30P | Sunday 8:30P

Cover Monday thru Thursday $10 | Friday & Saturday $15 | Sunday $10 | Minimum 2 drinks

Only open for a couple of years the Gotham Comedy Club offers top-notch comics from television land, though maybe not quite the star quality as the longer established Caroline's and Comedy Strip Live are able to attract. But make no mistake, this is a serious place designed expressly for comedy and some of the fresh-faced young kids you see there today will be stars tomorrow. The Flatiron District locations attracts and almost-downtown crowd and the club is home to Robert Klein's New Joke City, which airs weekly on the local cable

New York Comedy Club

241 E 24th Street | between between 2nd & 3rd Avenues

Info 212-696-LAFF | New York Comedy Club

Sets Show times may vary Monday thru Thursday 9:00P | Friday 8:00P 10:00P | Saturday 6:00P 8:00P 11:00P | Sunday 9:00P

Cover Monday thru Thursday $5 | Friday & Saturday $10 | Sunday $5 | Minimum 2 drinks

Check out the New York Comedy Club web site for a two-for-one ticket deal. The NYCC has two rooms featuring not quite well-known comics, mostly from the Sacramento-to-Pittsburgh nightclub tour, maybe with a few television appearances under their collective belt. As one Laurie Kilmartin puts it, "I am yet another no-name stand-up comic who wants to be famous." These are the folks who are still working the roads, doing two or three nights here, one night there. Worth it for the price

Stand-Up NY

236 W 78th Street | between Amsterdam & West End Avenues

Info 212-595-0850 | Stand-Up NY

Sets Show times may vary Monday thru Thursday 6:30P 9:00P | Friday & Saturday 6:00P 8:00P 12:15A | Sunday 6:00P 9:00P

Cover Monday thru Thursday $5 to $10 | Friday thru Sunday $10 to $12 | Minimum 2 drinks

Haven't been to Stand-Up NY in quite a few years, but it appears this Upper West Side club is still offering its solid mix of comics from the Tonight Show, Late Night, Comedy Central, HBO and Fox. This isn't a huge room but has a nice neighborhood feel. Early shows perfect to unwind after work during the week before heading out to dinner or more serious pursuits


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