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New York City Nightlife Guide

NYC Jazz, Cabaret, Comedy, Bars

There is something for everyone to do and enjoy as you investigate the legendary nightlife of the City

Jazz Clubs

Hot sounds, cool sounds, new sounds

Once the new sound made its way to the Big Apple the City never let it go. NYC has many of the most storied clubs


Top vocalists, improv, skits, stand-up and more

Cabaret comes in all flavors, from Uptown sophistication to Downtown funk,  stars, unknowns and will-be-knowns

Rock & Dance Clubs

Hard driving rock from big halls to the dives

You can hop 'til you drop as you explore NYC's rock scene. Scores of bands each week


Swanky saloons and dives all over town

Enjoy the eighty-eights over a good drink, bend elbows next to a guy with a brogue, enjoy a Martini or Manhattan the way they're supposed to be

Comedy Clubs

NYC has plenty of places to get a good laugh

Find all of your favorite stand-up comedians from late night and cable television


The stars, the celebrities, the glitz

All the stars come through New York when they're on tour

Music & Comedy Festivals

Hot jazz and laughs

Just when you think you've done it all New York is home several times a year to the best and the brightest


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