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1969 Tony Awards

Best Dramatic Play

Tony WinnerThe Great White Hope by Howard Sackler

Best Musical Play

Tony Winner1776

Best Actor | Dramatic Play

Tony WinnerJames Earl Jones The Great White Hope

Best Actress | Dramatic Play

Tony WinnerJulie Harris Forty Carats

Best Actor | Musical Play

Tony WinnerJerry Orbach Promises Promises

Best Actress | Musical Play

Tony WinnerAngela Lansbury Dear World

Best Supporting Actor | Dramatic Play

Tony WinnerAl Pacino Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?

Best Supporting Actress | Dramatic Play

Tony WinnerJane Alexander The Great White Hope

Best Supporting Actor | Musical Play

Tony WinnerRonald Holgate 1776

Best Supporting Actress | Musical Play

Tony WinnerMarian Mercer Promises Promises

Best Director | Dramatic Play

Tony WinnerPeter Dews Hadrian VII

Best Director | Musical Play

Tony WinnerPeter Hunt 1776

Best Choreographer

Tony WinnerJoe Layton George M!

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