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New York City Broadway Theater Guide

Broadway: Lost in Development

Shows that were slated to be on Broadway but for some reason -- theater availability, money, scheduling conflicts -- have been put on hold. If you can help us update any details, please drop a line to thefolks at JimsDeli

Bobbi Boland

Farrah Fawcett never made it out of previews

Broadway Bound

Never made it to previews

The Mambo Kings

San Francisco reviews killed it

Martin Guerre

Scheduled April 2000. Show is indefinitely on hold

The Miracle Worker

Scheduled for April 2003 previews but "indefinitely postponed"

Miss Julie

Indefinitely postponed

Paper Doll

Money again, this time just before previews

Rose's Dilemma

With Mary Tyler Moore how can it not make it?

Scent of the Roses

Due Fall 1999 then Spring 2000, then...


You need money to have a Broadway run

Ball, The Musical

Broadway Musical | Fall 2002?

Creative Charles Randolph-Wright & Jimmy Smith book | Nona Hendryx, Bootsy Collins, et al music | Savion Glover choreographer | Charles Randolph-Wright director

Cast Anika Noni Rose

Based on a series of Nike commercials it was under active consideration a few years ago and backed by Nike. Now only a note in passing in the archive press section of Mr Randolph-Wright's website

First listed November 2000 Updated August 2001

Batman: The Musical

Broadway Musical | 2005

Creative David Ives book | Jim Steinman music & lyrics | Tim Burton director

Yep, from Disney cartoons to DC comics, anything is inspiration for the Great White Way. This would-be Warner Bros production was first possible Spring 2000, then Spring 2001, then maybe...a 2004 out-of-town run with an eye to NYC sometime in 2005. Heard through the grapevine Fall 2004 that show is most probably not going into production

First listed December 1998 Updated October 2004


Broadway Drama

Creative Naomi Wallace author | Kevin Knight director

Post World War II relationships first scheduled for Fall 2001 then no word until off-Broadway run at Women's Project and Productions December 2003

First listed January 1999 Updated December 2003

The Body Ventura

Broadway Musical

Creative Stephen Dolginoff book, music & lyrics

It's back to Lost in Development for this one. Jesse did the WWF. Jesse did the governor thing. Jesse did the XFL. Seems The Body won't do Broadway. After the Gov announced he would not run for re-election interest in the show went south. When we first moved the show to these pages author and composer Dolginoff e-mailed us in April 2001 that yes, the show was still on the "green-lit fast track" and tentatively scheduled for the 2001 or 2002 season. A January 2002 Playbill Online article Gov Ventura Reading New Draft of The Body Ventura, the Musical gave excellent background. In June 2002 article, Dolginoff told Playbill Online, "Maybe when the governor's not the governor we will see the show in the future."

Bullets Over Broadway

Broadway Musical

Creative Woody Allen book | Marvin Hamlisch music | Craig Carnelia lyrics

Possible Woody Allen. Possible Marvin Hamlisch. Something to possible look forward to, but look far forward

If it ever does go forward, the show would be based on the 1994 film of the same name. Directed by Mr Allen and written by Mr Allen and Douglas McGrath, the film starred John Cusack, Dianne Wiest, Chazz Palmieri and Jennifer Tilly. The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards; Ms Wiest won as best supporting actress

First listed December 1998 Updated August 2003

Busker Alley

Broadway Musical

Producers Margot Astrachan, Robert R Blume, Heather Duke, Joanna Kerry, Kristine Lewis, Jamie Fox

Creative A J Carothers book | Richard Sherman & Robert Sherman music & lyrics | Tony Walton director

Cast Jim Dale, Glenn Close, John Bolton, Jessica Grove, Elizabeth Inghram, George S Irving, Gavin Lee, Noah Racy, Ann Rogers

First due 1995, Tommy Tune breaks foot during tour. Hopes kick around for a few years til not heard of. Resurrected in 2007 by above producers. Plug pulled August 2009 "Due to the loss of one member of the writing team and the health issues of another"

First listed December 1998 Updated August 2009

Calamity Jane

Broadway Musical | It was just a glimmer

Producers Gerald Goehring, Paul Francis Burchett, Douglas C Evans

Creative James O’Hanlon original screenplay | Charles K Freeman original book | Randy Skinner adaptation | Sammy Fain music | Paul Francis Webster lyrics | Randy Skinner director & choreographer

When the press release says the show was galloping towards Broadway and it even had a website at you just have to assume that a run on the Stem is what this team is shooting for. Well, no word on the show for a couple of years and the web site is now inactive

More from the press release: "Calamity Jane tells the story of the relationship between Martha 'Calamity' Jane Canary and James Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickock. Calamity Jane is more than a high-kicking western musical; it is a first-rate romantic comedy that takes place at a time when both of these larger-than-life legends were living in Deadwood, South Dakota"

First listed July 2004 Updated October 2009

Colour My World

Broadway Musical | Fall 2005

Producers Richard & Janina Akins

Creative Jeff Arch book

We first heard of a new work based on the music of Chicago in late 2003, but without enough meat to merit a mention. It's supposedly headed for out-of-town tryouts in Spring or Summer 2005 so we assume that the book is far enough along that more creative announcements should be in the works

First listed July 2004 Updated June 2009


Broadway Musical

Creative Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman & Jack Feldman book | Bruce Sussman & Jack Feldman lyrics | Barry Manilow music | Wayne Cilento choreographer | David Warren director

Show had a  Summer 2000 run at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. Was to be on Broadway Winter 2002. Copacabana now available for licensing as Manilow looks forward to Harmony in Spring 2003 or whenever. The original Copacabana Tour site was active as of October 2004 but re-re-registered to somebody down in Rio in March 2008. The score was released in September 2004, along with Harmony, on a CD titled Manilow Scores

Fist listed 1999 Updated April 2008

Diner Stories

Broadway Musical

Creative Nancy Shayne book, music & lyrics | Randal Myler director

Cast Betty Buckley | Christiane Noll | Leslie Kritzer | Mary Pat Gleason | Dominic Chianese

Three one acts set in a diner over a 24-hour period. Cast above to workshop show December 2002. A planned Fall 2003 run at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts was cancelled apparently, according to Arts Journal, because "the author withdrew the show, and it's unlikely she will take it to another company"

First listed September 2002 Updated March 2003

Dr Sex

Broadway Musical

Producers Richard Ericson | Greg Young

Creative Sally Deering & Larry Bortniker book | Larry Bortniker music & lyrics | ???? director | Mark Esposito choreographer

Design John Carver Sullivan costume design | Richard Winkler lighting design | Rob Bissinger scenic design | Michael G Ward sound design

Cast Brian Noonan | Jennifer Simard |Jared Bradshaw | Linda Cameron | Christopher Corts | David Edwards | Christy Faber Colleen Hawks

Billed as the "cleanest show about sex in the history of American musicals," Dr Sex is based on the life and work of Dr Alfred Kinsey, who's groundbreaking 1948 report influenced generations of curious Americans. The production premiered at Chicago's Bailiwick Repertory Theatre September 2003 and garnered enough notice and was nominated for a couple of awards and so hit the Broadway rumor mill

The Bailiwick production was directed by David Zak and starred Jamie Axtell, Joshua Campbell and Sarah Laue

Songs from the show were featured in June 2005's Bound for Broadway at Merkin Concert Hall, so it stayed alive in On the Way for a while longer

The move to New York wasn't very good for the show. A Fall 2005 run at the Peter Norton Space was cut short after only 22 performances. If you notice, there is no director listed in the credits above. Pamela Hunt left the show in previews, and it looks like Ethan McSweeney's subsequent contributions were somehow overlooked

It doesn't look like this turkey's going to cook

First listed November 2003 Updated November 2005

The Education of Randy Newman

Broadway Musical

Creative Randy Newman & Michael Roth concept | Jerry Patch book | Randy Newman score | Gordon Edelstein & Myron Johnson directors

Cast Daniel Jenkins | Brooke Sunny Moriber | William Katt | Lovena Fox | Allan Louis | Cathy Richardson | Jeff Trachta

The composer's life set to his musical hits premiered at South Coast Rep 2000. Above cast at Seattle ACT October 2002 with reworked show. Might still have legs enough to reach NY

Well, maybe not enough leg since it hasn't been heard of since its Seattle run. We'll keep an eye on it for a few more months

We guess the "was," as in "'Education' was a stage show..." tells us all we need to know

First listed October 2000 Updated June 2004

Eliot Ness...In Cleveland

Broadway Musical

Creative Peter Ullian book | Robert Lindsay Nassif music & lyrics

Was slated for 2001-2002 season after regional tour. Quite a few show folks list it as a credit but maybe in a show where Eliot Ness sings and Al Capone dances, better they stick with Guys and Dolls

First listed February 1998 Updated June 2001

Enigmatic Variations formerly Enigma Variations

Broadway Drama | Spring 2000

Creative Eric Emmanuel Schmitt author | Daniel Roussel director

Scheduled to open at the Brooks Atkinson Spring 2000, show went from Toronto to London's West End instead with Donald Sutherland & John Rubenstein. Blistering reviews somehow led to a six-week extension that was later rescinded

The Father

Broadway Drama Revival | August 2005

Creative August Strindberg author

Cast Al Pacino

Looks like it's back to Broadway after only two years for Mr Pacino, with now a Strindberg classic as his vehicle

Nope, no mentions since the initial one, though you never really know...

The Father first ran on Broadway in 1912 at the Berkeley Lyceum Theater (W 44th Street), produced by -- and with performances by -- Warner Oland and Frederic Burt. The play has been revived six times, most notably in 1949 with Raymond Massey, Maddy Christians and Grace Kelly; 1981 with Ralph Waite, Frances Sternhagen and Kate Purwin; and 1996 with Frank Langella, Gail Strickland and Angela Bettis

First listed January 2005 Updated August 2008

The Great Ostrovsky
formerly Ostrovsky | formerly It's Good to Be Alive

Broadway Musical

Creative Avery Corman book | Cy Coleman & Avery Corman lyrics | Cy Coleman music | Patricia Birch choreographer & co-director | Douglas C Wager co-director

Cast Bob Gunton | Louise Pitre | Rachel Ulanet | Paul Kandel | Jonathan Hadary | Nick Corley | Daniel Marcus | Ed Staudenmayer | Jeff Edgerton | Kirsten Wyatt

Was to star Alan King in Spring 2001with Gene Saks then attached to helm and now, with a Hal Prince directed March 2004 run at Philadelphia's Prince Musical Theater we get to move this back into our "maybe" category

And after two years of not hearing anything at all, it's back to our attic

For the show story, just think 1920s Lower East Side, an outsized Yiddish Theater star, a bit of life's turbulence, a bit of love, all with a touch of Cy Coleman-kissed Klezmer

First listed June 1999 Updated March 2006

Guys and Dolls

Broadway Musical | 2007?

Creative Damon Runyon original story | Abe Burrow & Jo Swerling book | Frank Loesser music & lyrics | Rob Ashford choreographer | Michael Grandage director

This Donmar production never made it across the water as the Des McAnuf version was in the works. But here's what we wrote back in 2005:

Well, you just have to think that when a major revival of a major American musical comedy has a staging in London that sooner or later it's going to come to this side of the pond. Now, according to Playbill, the show is still eying a Broadway run after touring the Brit isles, but it all depends. You can keep up to date at Guys and Dolls the Musical

First listed May 2005 Updated September 2008

Hans Christian Andersen

Broadway Musical | 2001

Creative Sebastian Barry book | Frank Loesser original score | Maury Yeston score | Martha Clarke choreographer & director

Frank Loesser's score and Danny Kaye's performance made this a Sunday afternoon film favorite. Was slated for 2001 but disappeared for a time, reappearing briefly at the Maine State Music Theatre in Summer 2003

In Denmark, an unrelated musical production was prepared for Andersen's 200th birthday celebration in 2005. Stepehn Schwartz (Wicked), is going to supply some of the songs

First listed 1999 Updated August 2004


Broadway Musical | Spring 2005

Creative Bruce Sussman book & lyrics | Barry Manilow music | David Warren director

Cast Brian d'Arcy James | Janine LaManna | Kate Baldwin | David Turner | Aaron Lazar | David Ayers | Thom Christopher Warren | Bradley Dean

This 1930s Germany tuner about the Comedian Harmonists by Barry Manilow first aired La Jolla 1997. Don't know where it went after that but Manilow noted in New York Times interview March, 2002, a possible Spring 2003 date which never materialized

After some solid development bad news came in November 2003 as the company was to ship out to Philadelphia for a pre-Broadway Spring 2004 run: No money. Control of the show was then tied up in a dispute between Messrs Sussman and Manilow and the original producers

A new production team signed on, and after some reinventing and tweaking, the show is due for Fall  2004 workshop in Manhattan with eyes on a Spring 2005 opening. Now word as yet on an out-of-town run. The show's score will be released in September 2004, along with Copacabana, on a CD titled Manilow Scores

Not a peep for over three years

First listed August 2001 Updated December 2007


Broadway Play | Fall 2003

Creative Mary Chase author | Charles Nelson Reilly director

Cast??  Dick Cavett | Charles Durning

Revival to play Laguna in Summer 2003 and Beantown September before back to Broadway for fall

Well, the show has had its tryouts. Maybe its just waiting for a few bucks or an open house. We'll wait a bit longer before pulling it

Director Charles Nelson Reilly died in May 2007. This last project, as he envisioned it at least, won't make it to New York

First listed April 2003 Updated March 2004


Broadway Musical

Creative Reg E Gaines book | Savion Glover choreographer | Savion Glover & Kenny Leon directors

The dream team above is no longer involved in the production. Also off a replacement squad according to Playbill are composer Jeanine Tesori and writer Suzan Lori-Parks. According to the site, the project about the Harlem Globetrotters "remains a project in development" for the folks at Disney Theatrical. Given that the giant media company has other animated-film to stage-based projects in the works where they could better leverage audience interest, we tend to think Hoopz is going to become an "Airball!"

First listed December 1999 Updated January 2004

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Broadway Musical

Creative James Lapine book | Stephen Schwartz lyrics | Alan Menken music | James Lapine director

After long development Hunchback enjoyed a three-year run in Berlin that ended June 2002. TV film is expected in 2005. Might Disney close an older show and parlay TV deb into White Way hype? Think it's just a matter of when they need this property

In January 2008 Stephen Schwartz alluded to a possible Hunchback being worked on in 2009

We'll take a pass on this until it firms up a bit

First listed December 1998 Updated February 2008

Irving Berlin's Easter Parade

Broadway Musical | Fall 1999

Creative Philip Osterman book | Tommy Tune & Philip Osterman co-directors | Tommy Tune & Tad Tadlock co-choreographers

Tommy Tune and Sandy Duncan were to take on the Astaire and Garland roles

Workshops started 1996? followed by an Australian tour and more workshops, now including k t Sullivan as "Maxine Moonlight"

But now, slated for Winter 2007, a new production comes along, a collaboration between The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization and Minnesota's Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. Tom Briggs wrote the book for and Michael Brindisi directed the February 2007 production

First listed June 1998 Updated June 2006

A Little Princess

Broadway Musical | Winter 2005?

Creative Frances Hodgson Burnett novel | Brian Crawley book & lyrics | Andrew Lippa music | Susan H Schulman director

Cast Mackenzie Maury | Will Chase

The show's "pre-Broadway" run at Palo Alto's TheatreWorks  August thru September 2004 received very, to put it politely, lukewarm reviews that might scotch any New York aspirations without major revisions

First listed December 2003 Updated August 2004

Lone Star Love or The Merry Wives of Windsor, Texas

Broadway Musical | Summer/Fall 2006

Creative John L Haber concept & adaptation | Jack Herrick score | Michael Bogdanov, Bland Simpson & Tommy Thompson additional music | Randy Skinner choreographer | Michael Bogdanov director

Cast  Gary Sandy | Beth Leavel | Red Clay Ramblers | Jay O Sanders | Harriett D Foy

Cast  (Seattle) Randy Quaid | Robert Cuccioli | Dee Hoty | Lauren Kennedy | Red Clay Ramblers

Sometimes it just takes time. Lone Star Love (sometimes known as The Merry Wives of Windsor, Texas), has been rambling around since '88, with regional productions every couple of years until 2001. At one time slated for a Spring 2002 Broadway run, no word was heard since that January

The show was produced off-Broadway by Amas Musical Theatre at the John Houseman Theater with an opening of December 8 2004. With a recognizable name in Mr Sandy and a passle of Broadway vets, now that the show has finally reached New York we looked at this production along the lines of an 'in-town' tryout and expected it to transfer to a larger house if it hit

What was to be a fairly limited run extended through February 2005. Word as of early 2006 is that planning is "in progress for 2006-2007 Broadway season"

And it looked like it was. The show went out West in September, 2007 to Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre for a bit more work. Randy Quaid was in the lead this time around in what was billed as a pre-Broadway staging

Now for the November 1, 2007, previews at the Belasco Theater. Never happened. The producers cancelled the engagement just a few days before the Seattle run ended

More at Lone Star Love the Musical

First listed September 2000 Updated January 2008

Mack and Mabel

Broadway Musical Revival | 2005 - 2006?

Creative Michael Stewart book | Francine Pascal revised book | Jerry Herman music & lyrics | Dan Siretta choreographer | Arthur Allan Seidelman director

Spring 2001 opening postponed; tentative Fall 2001 bid nixed; then possible to show up Spring/Summer 2002. Cast was to be Donna McKechnie, Douglas Sills, Jane Krakowski. Mckechnie was rumored slated for Herman revue Showtune Winter or Spring 2003; Krakowski always busy. A thoroughly reworked M&M does Connecticut's Goodspeed Opera House Fall 2004 with Scott Waara as Mack Sennett, Christine Noll as Mabel, and yep, Ms Mckechnie as Lottie Ames

Since that time there has been a Spring 2006 London revival with David Soul and Janie Dee directed by John Doyle. And, in Spring 2007, a Shaw Festival production

No other word on the supposed Broadway bound production

Notes Robert Preston and Bernadette Peters originated the roles of Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand during the show's very short-lived 1974 Broadway run at the Majestic Theater. Also in the cast: Rita Rudner as a bathing beauty. Despite its poor run, forced to close after 66 performances, Mack and Mabel garnered eight 1975 Tony Award® nominations, including best musical, nods for both Ms Peters and Mr Preston, and Gower Champion for choreography and direction

First listed June 1999 Updated June 2007

Masada: The Musical Saga (Imagine This)

Broadway Musical | Spring 2005?

Producers Shuki Levy | Anita Mann | Barry Brown

Creative Glenn Berenbeim book | Shuki Levy music | David Goldsmith lyrics | David Parsons choreographer | Timothy Sheader director

Masada  premiered as a concert version in Los Angeles, December 1998 with David Gaines, Rita Moreno and Jon Voight

The work was due to play an engagement at a Chicago Theater in September 2004 looking toward December on Broadway. The Chicago dates were subsequently pushed back to Spring 2005 for Fall on Broadway. Never made it

What we believe to be the same show, simply re-imagined if you will, Imagine This, had a short run West End run in Fall 2008. Reviews were polarizing, good, bad, nothing in between. The production was nominated for What's On Stage Theatergoer's Awards, including best musical

More at Imagine This the Musical

First listed March 1999 Updated January 2009

Masada: The Musical

Broadway Musical

We're just including this in the interest of completeness and disambiguation from the show above. Not to say that we were confused or anything (but yeah, we got quite muddled over the years)

Creative Michael Aman & Oscar E Moore book & lyrics | Benjamin Rosenbluth music

Very successful NYC readings in March '99 led to talk of Broadway. Not much since

And then, only to add to the confusion, there's a third musical Masada kicking around. It's one by Alexander Butov-Derenboim and Brian David Delany Starr. You can head on over to Masada the Musical (What else?) to find out more about it

First listed January 1999 Updated January 2009


Broadway Musical | 2005-2006?

Producers Jim Weissenbach | Waxman Williams Entertainment

Creative Paddy Chayefsky original screenplay | Rupert Holmes book | Charles Strouse music | Lee Adams lyrics | Rob Ashford choreographer | Mark Brokaw director

First talk was about 1998-1999 season with Jason Alexander. Then Aaron Sorkin replaced on the book by Rupert Holmes.

New York reading in August 2000. Carol Lawrence, Josie de Guzman, Stephen DeRosa and others onstage with Jordan Gelber playing Marty as Mr Alexander watches from the audience

Alexander and show then set for 2001-2002 season, but he instead committed to television sitcom deal (Oops!)

More readings follow. July 2001 with John C Reilly as new lead and Robert Longbottom directing. And February 2002, still with Mr Reilly, but this time around with Mark Brokaw as director

Show opened October 2002 at Boston's Huntington Theatre Company. Record sales probably lead to Broadway run

Merkin Concert Hall refered to the "upcoming Marty" in the program notes for Celebrating the Music of Charles Strouse scheduled for May 10, 2004 and included it in its Bound for Broadway production in June 2005

And that's all there was

First listed May 1998 Updated June 2005


Broadway Musical

Producers Ira Pittelman | Emanuel Azenberg

Creative John Patrick Shanley book | Henry Krieger music | Susan Birkenhead lyrics

The New York movie comes to the New York stage. Heard another mention of this in passing July 2005, not enough to add back into On the Way

First listed 1999 Updated July 2005

The Rhythm Club  formerly Swing Alley

Broadway Musical | Spring 2001

Creative Charles Beguelin book & lyrics | Matthew Sklar music | Jodi Moccia choreographer | Eric Schaeffer director

Cast Tim Martin Gleason | Lauren Kennedy | Jeremy Kushnier | Megan Lawrence | Kirk McDonald | Kevin Kern | Barbara Walsh | Florence Lacey | Larry Cahn | Jonathan Hogan | Buzz Mauro | Marsh Hanson | Joe Kolinski

February previews for March 2001 opening at the Virginia Theater postponed, then on sked for Fall 2001, then supposed to be Manhattan Theatre Club during 2003-2004, then...

First listed September 2000 Updated April 2004

Road Show
formerly Bounce formerly Gold! formerly Wise Guys

Broadway Musical

Creative John Weidman book | Stephen Sondheim music & lyrics

More than fifty years in the making and it's edging ever closer to the big boards. though when the title was changed to Bounce we have no idea. Even Stephen Sondheim's web site is still referring to it as Gold! as of March 2003. Nathan Lane and Victor Garber were scheduled to star Spring 2000, then indefinite hold. Workshops progressed. Lane then occupied with Producers, Sondheim & Weidman tangled law-wise with producer Scott Rudin

The show was first workshopped -- as Wise Guys -- in October 1999. Directed by Sam Mendes, the cast included Nathan Lane, Victor Garber, Candy Buckly, William Parry and Brooks Ashmasnkas, among others. The show was thought to be on the fast track to Broadway

Next came Hal Prince directed stagings -- as Bounce -- at Chicago's Goodman Theater Summer 2003 and Kennedy Center Fall 2003. Both included Richard Kind, Howard McGillin, Michele Pawk, Gavin Creel, Jane Powell and Herndon Lackey. Producers cited lack of an available house in decision not to bring show to Broadway Spring 2004, though suspect middling tryout reviews indicate Bounce just not yet ready for prime time

And, according to, "After having played two tryout runs in Chicago and Washington D.C. to mixed to negative overall reviews, producers have confirmed that Bounce, the first new musical from Stephen Sondheim in nine years, will not be seen on Broadway anytime soon"

About the only movement since November 2003 had been the release of the Bounce original cast album

Then came word in Summer 2008 that Wise Guys / Gold! / Bounce was now (drum roll) Road Show and would be staged at New York's Public Theatre. The October to December 2008 engagement was directed by John Doyle. The cast included Alexander Gemignani, Michael Cerveris, Claybourne Elder, Alma Cuervo and William Parry. Mr Sondheim received an Obie award for Road Show's music and lyrics

The Road Show cast album was recorded in February 2009 and released that June

Guess it's not dead yet. And it's all in a name

First listed September 1999 Updated June 2009

The Royal Family

Broadway Musical

Creative George S Kaufman & Edna Ferber authors | Tom Moore director

Cast Kate Mulgrew | Marian Seldes | Charles Kimbrough | Richard Cox | Daniel Gerroll | Ellia English | Melinda Page Hamilton | Eve Roberts | George S Irving | Bobby C King | Robert L Devaney | Barbara Dirickson

This version didn't reach New York. This one did

Originally on the skeds for 1999, we kept hoping to see this new musical based on Kaufman and Ferber's satire of the Barrymores. Had it in Lost in Development with Jerry Zaks at the helm for a long while and now it's back on the move, due to play Ahmanson Theatre Spring 2004

First listed June 1999 Updated February 2004


Broadway Musical Revue | Winter/Spring 2003

Creative Paul Gilger concept | Jerry Herman music | Joey McKneely director

Cast Karen Murphy | Martin Vidnovic | Paul Harman | Tom Korbee | Russell Arden Koplin | Sandy Binion | Bobby Peaco

Another Herman review was to star Donna McKechnie. Will make it to NYC, whether OB or White Way undecided. Playing 2002-2003 at St Peter's Church then Pasadena Playhouse Summer 2004 and Florida's Caldwell Theatre in the Fall. We just have our doubts about this playing a major house so we moved to "lost"

First listed January 2002 Updated March 2004


Broadway Drama | Spring 2001

Creative Sandra Ryan Heyward author

Kathleen Turner as Tallulah Bankhead. Was to make it to Broadway April 2001 after touring, including a stop at Chicago's Shubert Theater in Fall 2000

Production pushed back to Fall 2001. Meanwhile, Turner, in London Graduate, moved with that production to Broadway Spring 2002

First listed December 1998 Updated April 2002

Ten Unknowns

Broadway Drama

Creative Jon Robin Baitz author

The show closed April 15, 2001, after a run at the Mitzi Newhouse Theater with Donald Sutherland, Julianna Margulies, Justin Kirk and Denis O'Hare. Planned for a Fall 2001 transfer to Broadway. Stopped for coffee somewhere? Turns out it took a turn for the left coast and a run at the Mark Taper Forum March to May 2003, then starring Stacy Keach and newly helmed by Robert Egan. Also in the Taper production were Patrick Breen, Klea Scott and Jonathan M Woodward

Then on to Florida and a Winter 2004 production at Coral Gables' GableStage with Dennis Carrig, Heath Kelts, Nicholas Richberg and Deborah L Sherman, directed by Joseph Adler

And that was that, so it's back to the attic

First listed December 2000 Updated March 2007

Tin Pan Alley Rag

Broadway Musical

Creative Mark Saltzman book | Scott Joplin & Irving Berlin score | Lynne Taylor-Corbett choreographer & director

Ragtime was a hit, so why not try a collection of songs by Irving Berlin and Scott Joplin? We'll never know. Production played regionally in run-up to 2000-2001 Broadway season, then shelved after Cleveland run

First listed May 1999 Updated January 2002

Tracey's Best Bits

Broadway Solo Comedy | 2005-2006

Creative Tracey Ullman author

Cast Tracey Ullman

Ms Ullman is planning a short Winter 2005 run at Hollywood's Henry Fonda Music Box Theater to prep her act for a one-woman standup to reach Broadway sometime in 2005-2006 season

The comic did play the theater in 2005 and released her Live and Exposed disc the same year

Haven't seen hide nor hair of her best bits since

First listed August 2004 Updated April 2009

Whistle Down the Wind

Broadway Musical | April 17 1997

Creative Andrew Lloyd Weber music | Jim Steinman lyrics | Hal Prince director

Cast David Gaines | Irene Molloy

Premiered at Washington, D.C.'s National Theatre in December 1996 headed for an April 1997 Broadway opening; derailed because of poor reviews. It next surface in July 1998 in London's West End with Marcus Lovett and Lottie Mayor directed by Gale Edwards. Bill Kenwright took another production of the show on a UK tour from 2001 through 2002. This production featured Tim Rogers and Katie Rowley Jones. This production was the basis for the 2006 West End revival at the Palace Theatre with Tim Rogers again as "The Man" and now Claire Marlowe as "Swallow."

Mr Kenwright then took the show to the States in 2007 for a tour through Houston, Norfolk, Los Angeles and San Francisco, all with an eye to Broadway. It didn't quite make it, playing out it's Houston and Norfolk runs, but stopping well short of Los Angeles.

Mr Kenwright announced another UK tour, this time a new new production of the show, starting in January 2010

Ya' know, for a show that got terrible reviews in '96, this one sure has some legs. It just might make it to New York one day

First listed December 1996 Updated October 2009

Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Broadway Musical | 2005-2006?

Creative Tina Andrews original screenplay | Tina Andrews & Stanley Bennett Clay book, music & lyrics | Wayne Cilento choreographer & director

Based on 1998 film that starred Halle Berry & Vivica A Fox, tuner that examined wives' lives after Frankie Lymon was to play the Pasadena Playhouse Fall 2004 on its way to Broadway. Lack of financing caused cancellation

First listed July 2003 Updated August 2004


Broadway Musical | Summer 2006?

Producers Jack M Dalgleish

Creative Tim Acito & Alexander Dinelaris book | Tim Acito music & lyrics

In this Bizarro world turnaround a high school matchmaker has fun using a magic wand to pair classmates -- until two heteros come out of the closet

Playing as the originally titled Zanna Don't, the show had a short tryout at Amas Musical Theater in Fall 2002. That led to the Spring 2003 production at the John Houseman Theater that encouraged producer Dalgleish to explore taking the show to Broadway

Until further word you can keep up to date with the show at its original site Zana Don't

No longer, unless you want to buy the rights. Guess this one's dead in the water

First listed June 2003 Updated March 2009

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